Check out videos of my full stand-up comedy sets, as well as quick one minute clips, all from New York Comedy Club in NYC. It wasn’t the only place I did comedy, but they were my favorite.

You can also find them all at my Official Boris Zilberman Youtube Channel.

1-Minute Stand-Up Clips

Probably my favorite ever clip of my interacting with audience members. In this case, in the middle of a joke about Russians, I happen to find a couple of super casual fellas in the audience, called Alex and Igor…


One of my favorite jokes I ever wrote, which deals with the fact that just because I’m called Boris, no one ever believes that I barely speak Russian…


Full Length Stand-Up Sets

This set got me into the semi-finals of the national Laughing Skull Festival in 2013. Halfway through it, someone in the front row does one of those two-finger-in-the-mouth whistles to get my attention, and it turns out, they had something to contribute. Full comedy set, length 9:41.


During this one, there were some super young laughy girls in the very very front row who reacted to everything the way the audience would react on Saved by the Bell when Zack and Kelly kissed. Full comedy set, lenth 7:54.


One of the first taped sets I ever did…watch baby Boris Zilberman get a surprisingly good reaction by talking about my name, dating women, and facebook aka the holy trinity of rookie stand-up comics.


Thanks for watching! And if you had a few laughs, why not let me know which is your favorite via the contact form.


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