Here’s where you’ll find interviews, reviews of my performances, and coverage of upcoming projects. I co-wrote Covers and Knock, co-edited Doroga, and acted in all 3 productions. 

“For KNOCK, we focused on the theme of fear and change. Is fear a motivator or does it prevent action? When is fear necessary? When does it hurt? At this point we’ve been together for over three years as a theater company and the founding members know each other so well that we can truly talk about anything. That leads to really prolific but also very painful sessions. Sometimes you walk away feeling brilliant and sometimes you walk away feeling completely alone.”

– “Spotlight on Boris Zilberman” Theater in the Now, March 2015


“Anyone seeking linear storytelling should go elsewhere, but if you are drawn to expressionistic theater, which is more concerned with the workings of the human psyche under duress than it is with such mundane matters as plot, then head on down to catch a performance of this work”

Review of “Knock”, Talkin Broadway, March 2015


“Knock‘s company of fine actors brings a seriocomic atmosphere to these stories. Anyone willing to let these bizarre tales course through the brain without impediment might experience some personal illumination by the end.”

-Review of “Knock”, Theatermania, March 2015


“Told through a collaboration of the performers’ own family stories, the piece looks into family bonds, the choices and decisions that form our lives today. Amusing, gripping and moving, COVERS transports us between decades of lost memories and disclosed experiences.”

-Preview of international performance of “COVERS” in Montreal, Broadway World, April 2015


“As the plot unravels and the two families become locked in a mess of romance and feuds, Russian-Jewish stereotypes and the process of Americanization are equally challenged. This is apparent in the slightly foreign-sounding English, in the cynical anecdotes, in the way that Alex softens when he  introduces himself as “Sasha” and in the women’s emerging accents when they say “no” emphatically.”

-Review of “Covers”, Haaretz, May 2013


“If you are a Russian or a Jew, an immigrant or a first-generation American, a frustrated parent or a defiant child, or one who simply loves the theme of generations colliding during changing times, “Covers” is worth seeing. You don’t have to know Russian to sympathize: Even what our own parents tell us often gets lost in translation.”

-Review of “Covers”, Forward, May 2013



“Zilberman…explained that the play is “exploring a niche” by showing young Russian Jews blazing their own trails, and establishing that the past “need not be magical, or idolized, or fetishized.”

-Preview of “Covers”, The Jewish Week, May 2013



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