I am extremely proud to be a founding member of the Lost & Found company, which has become like this sudden second family and with whom I would perform anywhere in the world if given the chance.

Here’s a little more info about the company:

Lost & Found is an award-winning theater troupe based in NYC, founded in 2011 as a multi-faceted theater experiment by a group of young actors and writers. We are an experimental docu-theatre troupe that creates original stage productions based on the verbatim/documentary technique.

The ensemble creates their work through a series of workshops, trainings and improv sessions, where we explore deeper human experiences through drama. The process can be daunting and struggling, as we never know what the outcome may be, but we just have to trust the process.

Since the creation of Lost & Found Project, the troupe has created and performed three original productions, nationally and internationally: DOROGA (2011-2012), COVERS (2013-2014, written by Boris Zilberman and Ruvym Gilman) and KNOCK (adapted by Alexandre Marine, with original material by Boris Zilberman), which premiered in March 2015 and is set to tour in the fall of 2015.

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