“Shayna” is coming!

Podcast "Shayna" written by Boris Zilberman

Shayna comes out in 4 Days! This is the first podcast we have done at Lost & Found, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. What IS Shayna? WHO is Shayna? Well…

Lost & Found Project explores a new direction with a new audio drama – “Shayna”, which examines the journey of a young singer-songwriter in New York who can’t catch a break. She is estranged from her brother and ailing mother, stuck in dead-end relationships, and stalled creatively. But when a beautiful, haunting melody lodges itself in Shayna’s mind, it unearths a family mystery and a century-old injustice that only Shayna can make right.

What is Shayna’s connection to the dybbuk of Jewish folklore? Where has her mother disappeared to? What happened between two sisters in a Russian shtetl at the dawn of the twentieth century? And why is Shayna harassed by an online stalker?

Our FIRST episode comes out July 1st, titled “Act 1 – The Song”.

Maybe you should sign up for the “Shayna” podcast waiting list right now so that you get it right in your inbox on Friday, then come and leave me some feedback. Who was your favorite character? Are you interested in what happens next? What part of it made you want to hit “next” on your phone?




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