Advice for Actors from Actors Better than Boris, Pt. 1

As I was reading Nick Offerman’s latest awesomely salacious AMA on Reddit, I was struck by one of his answers to an aspiring actor who asks Mr. Offerman if he has any particular advice for success. I really like his answer:

“Find something else to do. Something you love. For me, it was woodworking. I lost myself in the discipline, and then when showbiz finally came inconsistently knocking, I was already happily ensconced in a life I loved. Entertainment is too treacherous a field to be the only one in which you plant your seeds (euphemism).”

For some reason, this strikes me as a brilliant answer, because it emphasizes living life to the fullest, whatever that may mean to you, rather than blindly sacrificing.

Peace and Love!


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