What would “boo” sound like auto-tuned?


Get it, because T-Pain?

Yeah, you get it. While doing a bit of light afternoon Googling, I found the air date to my upcoming episode of “The Haunting Of…” in which I am the answer to the mysterious episode logline. Just WHAT is causing the terrifying paranormal activity in T-Pain’s house?

I am!

But how?

Unfortunately, do to very complicated legal paperwork that I signed on set, I’m not allowed to disclose the plot of the episode until after it airs. Also, I may have sold them my kidneys. That’s what happens when you hand out paperwork at the same time as lunch is arriving.

At any rate, check back after September when I’ll have the episode added to my official Boris Zilberman Bio page¬†and of course it will be at the very top of my resume page.

Overall, the Haunting Of shoot was a lot of fun, and featured the most blood effects I’ve experienced to date. I also drank about a gallon of fake alcohol, but that’s it…that’s all the hints there are!


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