Who the hell tells the cops that your nickname is Psycho?

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Well, apparently I do.

My episode of Perfect Murder on Investigation Discovery Channel aired last night, where I played a Russian thug called Psycho. Thanks to an onscreen hashtag, I was able to see a couple of reactions to the show by some fans/regular watchers.

The production value of the episode was really (even surprisingly) high quality, and I was generally happy with what they used, especially the part where I kick the hell out of some dude who evidently owed me money while screaming “Do you know why they call me Psycho?!”

Of course, they left out the long improv about the turnip truck that I did with the cops in the interrogation, but that was more for fun anyway. Please enjoy the following extremely unofficial sceenshot taken, for your viewing pleasure, on the tv in my parents’ apartment:



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