Manhattan Monologue Slam Finals go down tonight!

Last month, on a day’s notice, I wound up doing a 30 second monologue as part of the Manhattan Monologue Slam. Although I’d heard of the slams before, I’d never seen one, and what it turned into resembled a sort of Vegas circus hip-hop talent slam.

There were monologues from every conceivable place: Al Pacino was well represented, as was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “Coffee is for closers”, some quick comedy, last minute google searches for “good monologue”, and everything in between. I decided to do a modified version of a monologue I wrote and performed in Knock, from the perspective of a man who is jaded with the idea of following your dreams. You can watch the entire thing here on my fancy-pantsy Videos page. Go on, do it, it’s only 30 seconds.That’s like, the average length of an elevator ride to your office, and you don’t even have to discuss the weather.

The judges, a range of agents and talent reps for TV, chose 5 finalists out of the 40 or some performers, and I was one of them. So tonight, we get to do 2 minute monologues, which is a completely different, fun kid of challenge. If you’re in the midtown area tonight, you should come check it out. Tickets here.




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