Boris Zilberman and Sergey Nagorny rehearse KNOCK 2015 Boris Zilberman performing in KNOCK 2015 Boris Zilberman performs Man is Not a Rock, 2015 Boris Zilberman performs comedy on stage Boris Zilberman on stage with Gera Sandler, Covers, 2013 Boris Zilberman performing KNOCK 2015 Boris Zilberman and Marina Reydler perform "Doroga" 2012 Boris Zilberman reads "Knock" Boris Zilberman in group scene COVERS 2013 Boris Zilberman and Anya Zicer rehearse Knock Boris Zilberman performing 'Doroga' black and white picture, 2012

Recent News and Projects

TV: I'd Kill For You

March 2016: I was featured as "Andrew Rockenfield" in I'd KIll For You (Season 3, Episode 9) on Investigation Discovery. In the hour long episode, I play the son of a hard-working real estate agent who get into trouble when his big heart stretches a little too much and he trusts the wrong person. Best of all, I'm perfectly innocent in this one, not even a suspect.


The King Returns!


After a sold out premier during KulturfestNYC in June, my children's musical, The King of Chelm returns for a full run at the Kraine Theater this November 2015. Last time I got to watch from the audience, but this time, I'm going to be taking the stage as Shimmele, the lovelorn librarian-poet of Chelm. Performance dates and tickets, $18, available here.

Perfect Murder


In June of 2015, I co-starred as a murderous Russian punk called Psycho in an awesomely dark episode of "Perfect Murder" on Investigation Discovery. I will also be in an upcoming episode of "I'd Kill For You", also on the ID network, airing in 2016. 




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